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Globaltrader24. Trading across the globe. Bitcoin trading at Plus500. Bitcoin trading at Plus500. At Plus500 you can trade virtual currencies. The popular bitcoin as well as the lesser known litecoin are already traded but in the future, other crypto currencies will become available at Plus500, such as the Dash , Ripple , IOTA , and Ethereum . The difference with trading virtual currency at Plus500 compared with a bitcoin exchange is that you do not actually become owner of the coins but only buy CFD contracts on bitcoin or litecoin. (You do own them on paper, but if you are hungry you cannot order the home delivery service and pay them with your bitcoins on your Plus500 account). At Plus500 you can buy bitcoin at a 13:1 leverage for as little as 3.50 to 5.00. Of course, another advantage of Plus500 is that you can trade in 2000 other instruments as well and not just in the few virtual currencies. You can find the Bitcoin in the Plus500 platform under the heading Forex, virtual currency. This is the place to be to buy or sell bitcoin through Plus500. Trading bitcoin is alreay possible with a few Euros at Plus500 through the leverage and can be very profitable (more on that later). Since recently, Plus500 has changed Bitcoin from Bitcoin daily to just Bitcoin. This implies that one can now keep these positions from multiple days, or weeks. Before, one could only keep the Bitcoin daily for one day maximum. Trading virtual currency through Plus500 is very beneficial for unlocking your bonuses: In contrast to the currency pair EUR / USD you get man more trader points for each bitcoin that you trade. Up to ten times as much. So if you have just made your first deposit at Plus500, it pays to trade bitcoin because you quickly unlock your welcome bonus. Below are the available Plus500 bonus codes to get the most from your deposits: If you open a bitcoin position at Plus500 you automatically are - 3.36 per unit traded contract. These costs are similar to pip spread on regular instruments. If you keep watching the bitcoin you will see this value will rapidly move upwards or downwards. Trading virtual currency at Plus500 is, relatively speaking, quite expensive because it involves a lot of risk for the broker. Fortunately, traders do get a lot of trader points for trading crypto currencies. *As of March 2017, CySEC, the Cypriot regulator, has decided to restrict the offering of bonuses to clients. According to this new restriction, offering bonuses to CFD traders is no longer allowed. Download free eBook. Recent Posts. Investing in Dropbox. Make money with a falling Bitcoin price. 3 stocks that have been paying dividend for over a century. Why 100% electric driving is not feasible. The CAPE ratio; The good, the bad & the ugly. 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Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club of Suffolk County. 497 Inventors & Entrepreneurs. © 2018 Meetup . . . "" " Facebook", & . Elliott Wave Trader – Elliott Wave Theory Bitcoin Trading Education? Elliott Wave Trader is an investing advice website. Find out everything you need to know about this informational platform today in our review. What Is Elliott Wave Trader? Elliott Wave Trader , found online at ElliottWaveTrader.net, is an informational website catered to a community of traders who trade based on Elliott Wave theory. The website is run by Advice Trade, which operates a series of online trading communities. Their Elliott Wave Trader community is led by a team of analysts, including founder Avi Gilbert, a trader with decades of experience trading equities, futures, and options. With the help of Avis Wave Alerts and the analysis of the experts at Elliott Wave Trader, you can learn how to time the market to maximize your profits. In June 2017, Advice Trade announced that it was adding cryptocurrency to its Elliot Wave Trader platform. The company brought on a trader named Ryan Wilday, who was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2013 by a programmer friend and began mining and trading shortly thereafter. You can sign up for Elliott Wave Trader to get access to investment analysis catered to the Elliott Wave Theory community. The analysts on Elliott Wave Trader believe in something called the Elliott Wave theory. You may have seen people talk about that theory in regards to cryptocurrency. Well explain more about how it works below. What Is Elliott Wave Theory? Elliott Wave Trader actually has a free education section where they explain Elliott Wave theory and how it works on todays markets. The basic idea of Elliott Wave theory is that the markets are controlled by public sentiment and mass psychology. Public sentiment and mass psychology moves in waves within a primary trend and 3 waves in a counter-trend. When a 5 wave move in public sentiment is completed, its time for the subconscious sentiment of the public to shift in the opposite direction. This is a natural result of the human psyche its not caused by news or other market information. Its just how humans work. In laymans terms, markets are ruled by optimism and pessimism, and cryptocurrencies are no exception to that rule. When the market takes three steps forward, it takes two steps back. By timing this progress and regression, you can maximize investment earnings. How Does Elliott Wave Trader Work? Elliott Wave Trader is led by Avi Gilburt. After signing up for the Elliott Wave Trader platform, youll receive 5 to 10 updates a day called AVis Wave Alerts. Avi also sends Market Updates and a Weekend Analysis. In terms of proof, the Elliott Wave Trader website posts dozens of Avis correct market calls. Avi has predicted various market downturns over the years, including particularly strong timing on the price of resources like gold, silver, and other metals. He has correctly guessed the top and bottom of gold over the past few years, for example. That page has no information about cryptocurrency. However, the platform just announced its cryptocurrency service in June 2017, and the service isnt officially launching until August 2017. As an Elliott Wave Trader member, you get access to more than just Avis trading alerts. You can also access the education section, which includes interviews, books, and webinars about timing the markets based on Elliott Wave Theory, or EWT. Elliott Wave Trader & Cryptocurrency. In June 2017, Elliott Wave Trader announced that they were starting a new cryptocurrency service due to high demand and many requests. They brought on Ryan Wilday to lead this new service. Wilday has 17 years of experience trading equities, futures, and options, and was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2013 by a programmer friend. Heres how the press release described Wildays approach to cryptocurrencies and Elliott Wave trading: Today he melds his deep knowledge of the crypto currency market with Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci Pinball. Ryan's service will be opening in August of 2017 and we will be providing more details in the coming weeks about his service. Elliott Wave Trader Features. Whether youre subscribing to Elliott Wave Trader for the cryptocurrency news or other market news, you get access to an online dashboard filled with market analysis. Here are some of the key features of that platform: Trading Room and Market Analysis: View detailed analysis and trading information from the Elliott Wave Trader team. Unlimited Scrolling: Scroll back as far as you want to find old posts. Filtered Feed: You can create your own filtered feed, letting you filter the room by analyst, market, section, symbol/keyword, or any combination of search parameters. Every display is live, with the room updating based on your filtered content. Private Message Center: Users can PM people, load chats, check past chat history, and receive notifications for new messages. Customizable: You can customize how each individual post is displayed, as well as your chart display and your right column display. Stock Symbol Display: View a stock symbol display, including the Elliott Wave Trader wave count and trade setup information for Stock Waves symbols. Multi Device Support: Elliott Wave Trader works on desktop and mobile devices. Elliott Wave Trader Markets & Analysis. Elliott Wave Trader recently launched its cryptocurrency service. Today, the company provides analysis and reports across a broad range of markets. As a member, you get access to all of the following information: Avis Market Alerts Avis & Garretts Live Video Stock Waves Mining Stocks Portfolio & Coverage List The Smart Money at EWT VIX Trade Alerts Short-Term Oil Futures/Mining ETFs Index Quant Signals ES Trade Alerts World Markets Forex Bayesian Timing. Elliott Wave Trader Pricing. All Elliott Wave Trader accounts come with a 15 day free trial. You can access the core services, although you wont be able to post. After that 15 day trial period, youll need to sign up for Elliott Wave Traders subscriptions at the following rates: Monthly: $99.95 per month Quarterly: $275 per quarter Semi-Annual: $525 Annual: $1000. The Elliott Wave Trader Team. Elliott Wave Trader is just one branch of Advice Trade. Advice Trade was founded in July 2001 by Richard Hefter. The company operates a series of investment analysis communities across the internet. The Elliott Wave Trader division is led by Avi Gilburt (listed as the founder of Elliott Wave Trader). Other key members of the team include Zachary Mannes (Lead Analyst for Stock Waves), Garrett Patten (Featured Analyst/Host of World Markets), and Xenia Taoubina (Featured Analyst, US Indices). Elliott Wave Trader has different analysts for different sections of the market. Each analyst monitors Elliott Wave theory for their particular corner of the market. Elliott Wave Theory Conclusion. Elliott Wave theory gets mentioned a lot in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency trading, more than equity trading, is driven by sentiment and psychology. Elliott Wave Trader is one of the leading Elliott Wave theory analysis websites online today. Staffed by a team of expert analysts, the website features detailed information about how Elliott Wave theory affects various markets and how to time those markets to maximize profit. In June 2017, the company announced it was opening a cryptocurrency service. That service launches in August 2017. You can expect timing reports and other analysis to appear on the website soon.